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Boilers vs. Furnaces: What Are the Pros and Cons?

Boilers vs furnaces

When it comes to your heating needs, you have two major options: boilers and furnaces. But which one is right for you? The answer depends on the features you're looking for in your heating unit.

To know whether a boiler or a furnace is right for you, you need to know the pros and cons that both offer. And if you'd like to find out what those pros and cons are in no time, just read on:

Boiler Pros & Cons


  • Are more energy efficient than furnaces
  • Don't affect your home's air quality
  • Require little maintenance


  • Can cause leaks, which can lead to serious water damage
  • Adjust to new temperatures slowly
  • Cost about twice as much as furnaces do

Furnace Pros & Cons


  • Require fairly little maintenance
  • Provide quick heating
  • Have a long lifespan


  • Can decrease your home's air quality
  • Pose the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Cannot heat your home with perfect consistency

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